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Big Hit!

It was a big hit! Everything was great! Thanks again for helping me with the last minute planning!

Great Event!

What a GREAT event.
Thank you!!


It was so wonderful, thank you!! Thank you again for being so wonderful, we will most definitely have you guys back in the fall and spring again!


Thank you for the amazing ice cream day that you provided yesterday for the school!!! Everyone was so happy and raving about how good their treats were.


Thank you SO MUCH for the follow up! I had so much fun bragging about YOU guys and the posts on social media-thank you so much for supporting us! As far as feedback from staff, I heard a lot of positive remarks again for this round of the sundae bar! A few members of the office staff mentioned how impressed they were with the timing and that you guys were/are able to serve everyone within a short window during lunch breaks. Employees from the production floor said the same; they only have 30 minutes for lunch and I received countless comments on how nervous they were that they would miss too much of their lunch, but were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they received their ice cream! Additionally, I heard quite a few positive reviews on the topping selection (thank you again for that variety!) There truly was something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. Finally, I along with many others, greatly appreciate how pleasant and friendly the entire Creamery staff always is. We love working with you folks because of this! You guys have a way of connecting with the employees and joking with them as well-we really like that family dynamic as we are a family-run business as well!

Overwhelmed With Generosity...

We were overwhelmed with the generosity, caring and service shown to us by Kaitlyn and S. These ladies are the consummate professionals, they make the ice cream even more special. We cannot thank them enough for taking time out of their day to make Heather’s day so special. Surely the most poignant way to say it would be, “they are truly an example of God’s grace on earth.” Thank you for all your help. We promise you’ll be hearing from us in the future.